Hi! I’m Betty, aspiring freelance writer and confirmed bleeding heart for all things canine! Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog!

My Lifestyle:

I am 50 years old, terminally single, and the proud Mum of a 24 year old daughter whom I raised completely by myself. I live in rural Eastern Canada where the people are friendly, the winters unpredictable, and the seafood divine! My life has been a colourful adventure punctuated by ups and downs that I admittedly created myself. Although I am no longer a ‘Mommy’ I can expound upon many motherhood topics ranging from ‘Alone with a newborn – how the heck do I take a shower?’ to ‘She’s 16 – let’s get that driver’s permit!’.

By day I am a Human Resources executive in a small not for profit company where I endure the soul sucking corporate life that I suspect many of you, like me, dream of escaping. For that reason gardening is my therapy, dogs are my soulmates and reading is my solace!


But enough about me, what can I do for you?

My passion is writing, and admittedly there are days when the words flow freely with a grace and fluidity that make my heart soar. Unfortunately, sometimes I struggle to find the right phrase to express my thoughts as precisely as I imagine them. Those days can be tough, but when I successfully complete my narrative the accomplishment is doubly satisfying. Researching and composing a paper on any topic you choose is my forte, resulting in witty and easy to read articles. Lifestyle is a fairly general niche, however I pride myself on having experienced many adventures in my life. For this reason I am a fountain of knowledge with a desire to work hard and succeed in this industry.

I hope you enjoy my blog and please leave comments to let me know how I am doing!