The simple things

I love my washing line!

My line of laundry is a pure delight,

A dream I’ve cherished night after night.

My wish came true this weekend past,

My bro in law, my nephew, and of course my Dad.

They trimmed the trees up on high,

Greg climbed the ladder, he’s quite the guy.

Discussion ensued, which way is correct

Dad the supervisor was quick to direct.

It happened so fast, my dream came true,

My sheets and towels in the wind blew.

The air was dry, the sun was warm,

It wasn’t very long before my towels were transformed.

The wet laundry I hung out way up high

Was clean and bright and nice and dry.

The thrill was real, the joy was pure,

Life’s simple things make me happy that’s for sure!

The end!

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